Reeti Expressive Humanoid Development Platform (For Holiday)

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Location: EDINBURGH, , UK

Listed on: Aug 09, 2017

Listed in: Books, Entertainment and Party > Party/Event Supplies

Owner: Roboto (ask a question)

Contact Tel: 07564795091


Minimum Rental Period: 1 day

Deposit: GB£ 4300.00


GB£ 100.00 / Day
GB£ 400.00 / Week

Consumables are additional costs that you may incur during the rental period from consumables such as gas/petrol.

  1. Post and Package (anywhere in UK): £15
  2. Deliver and Collect anywhere in City of Edinburgh: £10

Rental Conditions

Required Maintenance:

Robot can be used for party's or can stay at yours for a holiday, but must be returned in same condition as borrowed

Rental Requirements

This Robot comes with a huge deposit because it is the ultimate of Childrens toys and is extremely extremely expensive and it is your responsibility to make sure it does not get damaged

Additional Information

Deposit fully refunded the instant it is returned, minus rental fee, consumable charges and damages

One robot, many applications, customize it to your specific needs
• A robot which expresses its emotions
• User friendly interface, and an iPhone or iPad applications
• A flexible, touch sensitive skin and 15 degrees of freedom

 Two mobile eyelids
• Two directional ears
• Three tactile sensors
• WI-FI 802.11n
• Celeron 2.16 GHz Quad core, 2 GB RAM DDR3
• DVI, Jack Audio
• Two mobile eyes
• Two HD 720p cameras
• Two microphones
• Flexible and touch sensitive skin
• Animated mouth with 4 motors
• Three axes animated neck
• One backpack USB 3.0
• 2 x USB 2.0
• 3 x USB 3.0
• Gigabit Ethernet
• Reeti 8Gb USB Key

The Reeti Expressive Humanoid Development Platform is a PCBot, the fusion of a Personal Computer and a robot. He is constituted of a robotic head and a computer in his body. With his robotic head, he is able to show emotions and interact with the user.

• Reeti can make various actions
• With his two cameras, he can take pictures or shot movies in High Definition. His intelligence allows him to react at what he sees according to the people in front of him or what happens in the room he is in.
• Reeti has fifteen degrees of freedom in his head, conferring him great mobility. Indeed, Reeti can move the ears, the neck (tilt, pan, and rotation), the eyes, the eyelid, and the mouth.

• Graphical interface to create your own expressions and animations
• A scalable and configurable artificial intelligence allows customization
• Reeti  is an open development platform : Besides applications already available, develop your own project.

Reeti, one robot, many applications, customize it to your specific needs

• Firms and Professionals Organizations
Reeti makes your stands and your reception center attractive and original. It comments and animates video presentations: put a product or a brochure in front of its eyes and product or a brochure in front of its eyes and it will run the associated presentation.

• Teachers
Innovative tool to teach the sciences and the technologies in a fascinating and applied way.

• Research Laboratories
Experimental platform for research in several disciplines: Artificial Intelligence (AI), vision, man-machine interaction, Web interaction, multimedia contents, robot-assisted therapy, behavior analysis, sociology, psychology.

• Developers
Professional software developers or hobbyists, the software development kit (SDK) of Reeti, the pre-installed Open Source libraries  and Urbi middleware are available to help you to implement your ideas.

• Personal Use
PC, fun robot, communicative object, video surveillance, Reeti gathers all these functions in the same advanced design object.

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