HP Z600 Dual GPU GTX 1080 Xeon

Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

Listed on: Jun 25, 2018

Listed in: Electronics and Computing > Computers and Laptops

Owner: wilkesi33 (ask a question)

Contact Tel: 07766600429


Minimum Rental Period: 1 week

Deposit: GB£ 100.00


GB£ 100.00 / Week
GB£ 250.00 / Month

Rental Conditions

Photo identification required: Yes

Required Maintenance:

Hard disk to be reformatted for your own comfort. You can keep hard disk for @cost if required.

Additional Information


Powerful work station:  Dual Xeon 24 GB 1 TB disk with 2x GPU (1080 or 1050).

Set up for windows (ask for Sun sparc).

Will "mine" cryptocurrency and complete high intensive computing.  I can help with "physics based" computing.

I use this computer to run 10 pS molecular simulations (takes about 1 day per run).

Can be used for AutoCAD (ask for alternative GPU!) or server like.

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