GANKER Fighting Robot - Black (Perfect for a Childrens party)

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Location: EDINBURGH, , UK

Listed on: Aug 08, 2017

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Owner: Roboto (ask a question)

Contact Tel: 07564795091


Minimum Rental Period: 1 day

Deposit: GB£ 400.00


GB£ 40.00 / Day
GB£ 100.00 / Week

Consumables are additional costs that you may incur during the rental period from consumables such as gas/petrol.

  1. Post and Package (anywhere in UK): £15
  2. Delivery and collection anywhere in City of Edinburgh: £10

Rental Conditions

Required Maintenance:

Robot must be returned in same condition it was colleted

Additional Information

The deposit will be fully refunded instantly upon returning the Robot, minus rental fee owed, any consumable charges, and any damage sustained.

  • Small competitive robot
  • Joint movement
  • Sensor & scoring system
  • Easy to handle
  • Controlled through an App
  • Personalized painting
Clumsy movement, complex control, monotonous play will become the past. The GANKER Fighting Robot - Black can fight, play football, race, avoid obstacles and  play other games. It will give you a new experience.  It is a small competitive robot designed for maker education and entertainment. With the new technology to carry out various activities like battling, soccer playing, racing and obstacle avoiding.

The four-wheel chassis consists of four omnidirectional wheels and a metal frame that runs through the omnidirectional wheel, enabling the robot to turn and advance in multiple dimensions.  In each joint of the Ganker robot there is a servo motor, and it is these motors that bring your robot to life. They allow your robot to move naturally and respond precisely to your fighting commands.

Through the APP control of each wheel rotation time and direction to achieve a flexible move, and at the same time to play fighting action against opponents. Each action of the robot can be designed through the APP combination.

Every piece of Ganker robot armor is equipped with a sensor to detect contact. When your robot is struck in specific critical areas one health point of "Blood" is deducted. If your “blood” level reaches zero, you lose the match. Just install an APP, you can let you fully grasp the robot control; enjoy the robot to bring you the fun. Variety of personalized painting. Choose your favorite and make your robot the most dazzling of the arena.

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