The Idea

I'm sure we all have stuff that we only use occasionally. By offering it for rent or loan on RentNotBuy, you are reducing consumption and thus reducing the the pressure on natural resources. A happy bonus is that you may earn some extra money without selling the item. RentNotBuy offers the owner complete control over when the item is available for rental, so it's still always there when you need it.

It is free to post and respond to listings and always will be. We do not post ads on our pages and do not enter into affiliations with third parties. We provide this service for the community and are not backed by any external funding, VC or hype-warriors. However, we provide all the tools you need to manage your rental items and are developing new features all the time.

For ideas of what to rent or loan, please visit our ideas page.

How it works

As an item owner you have complete access to our easy to use booking management software for your items and we are adding features all the time. It will never cost you a penny to list your items through RentNotBuy and we will never charge you for taking bookings through our service.

Users can browse the listings and check item's availability without creating an account. To rent or borrow an item you see listed, you create an account and make a "booking". This is, of course, free. The item's owner receives notice that you wish to rent the item which he/she can then "accept" (meaning they have approved the booking) or "cancel" (meaning they have rejected the booking). Once the booking has been accepted you can consider it confirmed. As far as RentNotBuy is concerned, the owner or renter can cancel a booking at anytime before the start of the rental period. However, owners can, if they choose, place additional requirements on cancelations.

How we got the Idea

The problem became apparent when we wanted to go nordic skiing on a hiking trip in Labrador. The town we were in didn't have any commercial rental stores, and it seemed a terrible waste to buy a brand new set of skis that we may only use once. We knew that many people in the town owned such skis and would probably be happy to let us borrow them (maybe for a small fee).

It struck us that people find themselves in this position all the time: they need something, will probably only use it a few times, but they are force to buy it as they don't personally know someone with it in the local area (especially if they are away from home at the time) and there are no commercial rental outfits. For example, power tools, formal wear, sporting gear, cabins, tents, climbing gear, parking spaces... the list was endless. Thus RentNotBuy.com was born

It then became apparent that a site such as RentNotBuy could prove valuable for local communities by pooling local resources and reducing the need for local duplication.

About us

We are a couple of outdoor enthusiasts, who are sick of having to buy kit we only use once a year and wanted to offer the kit we have brought to others to use. By day we are nuclear physicists, someone has to be. The software for this site was put together in a quiet time of year, after the end of the summer season and before the snow settles.

We put this site together just because we want to see this service being offered to the community. We hope you find it useful.

Want to know more?

There is a growing list of FAQs on our help pages. If that doesn't answer your questions, then please feel free to drop us a line or give us a call anytime.